Parts availability is the cornerstone of Cat product support.


Our Parts department carries an ample inventory for off-the-shelf availability, backed by a computerised parts location system. As a result, 98% of emergency orders are filled within 24 hours with Caterpillar.  Scomat offers an array of repair solutions.

Caterpillar Network Communications


  • Several Internet and Extranet links allow unbeatable parts identification and availability
  • Emergency and stock orders are automatically transmitted and emergency orders are processed by Caterpillar the same day.
  • Availability is instantaneously viewed  online.
  • Scomat has a priviledged / dedicated helpdesk for all parts related technical enquiries.




Parts Options


   Original / Standard Parts

CAT  Parts are built to keep engines running over the long haul . CAT  strategy isn’t just to sell more parts but to keep our customers up and running and making a profit.    CAT  continually makes design modifications to update parts to reflect the latest advances in technology and is the only Original Equipment Manufacturer that supplies reusability guidelines. Because Caterpillar parts are robustly designed, they often can be reused or remanufactured and have a second life built into the part. This means our customers have options as parts finally do wear out.


 Get the best for a lot less money. Most Cat Reman products are priced at 20 to 50% of new replacement price (and new Cat parts cost less than you think !).   With several components, save even more of you exchange before failure. Plus, you get genuine Cat parts - non substitutes, no "will-fits".

Remanufacturing is the process of returning a product at the end of its life to “same as new” condition in a manufacturing environment. It operates as a one-for-one exchange, in which end-of-life products are returned for a remanufactured replacement – reducing waste and minimizing the need for raw materials to produce a brand-new item. With a sustainable business model and a high-quality, lower cost product support option, Cat Reman is good for business, good for customers and good for the environment.


CAT Classic parts are lower-cost, genuine CAT parts offered for older  Caterpillar® equipment. They’re not a new brand, a short-term program, or a “will-fit” or aftermarket solution, but another repair option to complement quality original, Cat REMAN, dealer exchange, and  Quality Used Parts. CAT Classic Parts help customers manage the owning and operating cost of their machines as the age, usage, condition or remaining value of your older CAT equipment create the demand for a more economical repair option.

Benefits of Classic Parts

  • Lower cost, value priced repair alternative for older equipment
  • Lab tested & backed by Caterpillar New Parts Warranty
  • Availability through the Caterpillar dealer
  • Classic Parts compliment & complete dealer parts product line of original, Reman  Exchange & Quality Used Caterpillar Parts
  • Backed by superior Caterpillar dealer service support.


Quality Used Parts



  • For major component repairs /overhauls, opportunities often exist for getting quality used parts available at very interesting prices.



Contact us on 206-0421 for more details.




  • Classic Parts

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