Ducati was founded in 1926 and was the first company in Italy, and among the first in the world, to introduce capacitors for the radiobroadcasting equipment produced by Guglielmo Marconi.

Building upon this tradition, which has always seen Ducati in the forefront of capacitor technology, the company has developed the innovative PPMh film.

Superior performance and reduced dimensions compared to the by now obsolete paper and oil and gas solutions make PPMh capacitors the new standard of reference for industrial power factor correction systems.

However, the present range also includes traditional PPM versions for applications where the capacitor is not subjected to severe working conditions.

All the capacitors manufactured by Ducati Energia feature a protection device conforming to standards EN 60831-1/2. This protection has been achieved by means of a special engineering technology: if a fault occurs the connections will be broken due to overpressure, leaving the insulation of the case intact and preventing the capacitor from exploding or burning.  The device has been designed and dimensioned to ensure more efficient, prompt operation with both low and high short circuit currents (up to 10,000 A).



Metallized polypropylene technology (PPM – MKP) utilizes a vacuum evaporation technique to deposit an extremely thin layer of metal on one side of the polypropylene film.  The capacitor elements built using this technology are obtained by winding two polypropylene films. The capacitor plates consist in the metallized surface of the two films and the dielectric is the propylene film itself.

 The main advantage of capacitors with metallized plates is their self-healing capacity. This means that they are capable of restoring their electrical properties following the occurrence of a short circuit between the plates.  Due to the reduced thickness of the plates, the short circuit current generated in the area of a fault is capable of vaporizing the metal coating; the short circuit is thereby automatically extinguished without an appreciable reduction in capacitance or expenditure of energy.



Utmost attention to product quality and customer service is constants in Ducati’s history and the main factors contributing to its success worldwide.

Ducati has always been one of the first companies in its field, in Italy and in Europe, to adopt the most modern standards and procedures in order to assure the highest level of product quality and reliability.  The QUALITY SYSTEM of Ducati Energia SpA, capacitor division, as described in the Quality Manual, was one of the first in Italy to be approved by the BSI in accordance with ISO 9002 (EN 29002) procedures: Certificate of RegistrationN. FM22004.

All this has been achieved thanks to fully automated and integrated production processes, completely new and innovative machines, production process control methods based on accurate specifications and the assigning of responsibility to operators at all levels.

Capacitors, systems and relays comply with the requirements set forth in EC Directives 73/23 and 93/68

(“Low Voltage Directive”), 89/336 and 92/31

(“Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive”).

The harmonized European standards of reference are EN

60831-1 and EN 60831-2.


Nearly all models are certified by international institutes and all are manufactured in full compliance with the requirements of said standards.