Another Repair Option for Older


®  Machines & Engines


CAT Classic Parts offer another repair alternative for those select, cost-driving parts which heavily affect the overall cost of your repair.

® machines and engines have long and productive lives. However, at some point you will be faced with making repair decisions which require weighing repair costs against factors such as current application, utilization and remaining market value. Cat® ClassicParts help you manage your repair costs, giving you the flexibility to make the best repair decision for your unique situation.

• Competitive prices and availability

• Another reliable repair option offered by your  Cat Dealer

• Backed by the Standard Caterpillar Warranty

 The Classic CAT Parts are genuine CAT parts less expensive designed only for CAT aged equipment.

They are not a new brand, a short-term program, or a "might work" or a simple repair solution, but another option of repair to complement with the spare Premium and CAT Reman. The CAT Classic parts help you to handle better your operation cost as maintained by the time, the use, the utilization, the condition or the residual value of your aged Caterpillar machine creates the demand of a more economic option of repair.

What can a Classic CAT part do for you?

  • Lower repair cost
  • Centralized  purchase
  • Parts distributed by OEM (Original machines manufacturer)
  • Quality Controlled by CAT
  • Standard Guarantee of CAT Parts



When choosing parts for your Cat machine, you have several things to consider:

How old is the machine?  How will it be used?   How heavily will you rely on it?   How much is the machine worth to you?

Depending on your situation, Cat Classic Parts may be part of your solution.

Come in and talk to us about your needs. We’ll be glad to help you make an

informed decision, using all the options we have available.