The Trakker is Iveco's heavy truck product for customers looking to operate a dedicated on/off-road range of vehicles that are built to meet the industry's highest environmental and operational expectations.

Trakker is designed to operate in any climate and on any type of terrain - from normal tarmac roads, and/or dirt track roads to extreme off road conditions - providing maximum comfort, safety and productivity. The Trakker, thanks to its characteristics and wide range, is a vehicle suitable for many and varied missions:
  • transport of aggregates, construction plant and materials (tipper, flat bed, beaver tail bodies),
  • transportation and production of concrete (concrete mixer),
  • road maintenance
  • and exceptional loads.
Greater comfort and more productivity even under the toughest working conditions, the Trakker offers their owners the very best: up-to-date and functional design combined with uncompromising sturdiness, performance and reliability.



  • The Cursordriveline, with variable geometry turbo, offers power and torque at the top of the segment, ease of driving and specific solutions for reduction of fuelconsumption and truck down time.
  • All of the engines satisfy EEV(Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicles) environmental standard.
  • Besides satisfying these limits, the SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction via the use of AdBlue additive) technology, adopted by Iveco on all of its mid to heavy range, contributes to lowering operating costs (with up to 5% lowering in fuelconsumption).
  • The Cursor range offers reduced weights, requires less frequent maintenance (up to 100,000 km) and guarantees greater reliability. In fact, unlike the EGR, the SCR does not include recirculation of the gas in the combustion cycle.
  •  Trakker engines are available in 8 and 13 litreversions and cover a power range from310 to 500HP. Economic and extremely powerful, with reduced weight, they permit high load capacities with the Cursor 8 engine. The Cursor engines are renowned for their maximum torque output at low rpmand their constant wide torque curve.


  • Reliability and strength of the chassisframeshave always been major strong points of Iveco vehicles, and they are even more evident in the Trakker. This range adopts a strong high tensile steel chassis which is completely flat and free from obstructions and is available in 7.7mmfor missions which rely on kerb weight and 10mmfor more arduous missions.
  • Maximum strength is provided via a choice of suspensions, mechanical with parabolic springs or mechanical with semi-elliptical springs. For greater comfort and optimal driving stability, 3 and 4 axle models are available with four bag air suspension combining an ECAS system.
  • ECAS stands for Electronically Controlled Air Suspension. Electronic control of the suspension guarantees optimum driving comfort and a consistent vehicle set-up based on speed, load and type of road. It also acts on braking pressure, which is proportional to the load on the axles. Air suspension affords greater protection not only for the load, but also the road surface. It is ideal when transporting fragile goods, and also for the safe and convenient operation of demountable body systems.
  • More comfort and greater productivity even in the most difficult working conditions: an efficient climate control system and soundproofing of the cab contribute towards outstanding quality of comfort for the driver.
  • The driver's seat takes on great importance for the operating comfort of the driver.
  • The Trakker provides a heated driver's seat with nine adjustment settings and pneumatic lumber support.
  • The Trakker can be type approved to carry up to three people in the Active Day cab. Even on on/off road vehicles it is advantageous to have numerous large capacity storage compartments to store everyday working items.
  • Trakker features the following braking systems: ABS,EBL and, upon request, ASR. Thanks to the "off-road mode" it is possible to deactivate the ABS function allowing (up to a max speed of 15km/h) the wheels to brake in synchronisation - particularly useful for negotiating arduous off-road conditions were grip is at premium . Once the speed exceeds 15km/h the ABS function automatically reactivates.
  • ANTI-LOCKING SYSTEM. The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) on the Trakker prevents the brakes locking up during braking, no matter what the road surface conditions are. The signals which reach the ABS sensors, located on the wheels, provide exact information regarding the behaviour and reactions of each wheel during braking. Therefore the ABS is able to reduce brake force immediately before one or more wheels lock. If the road surface conditions allow for more decisive braking, the ABS increases the braking power again up to the maximum grip limit.
  • ELECTRONIC BRAKE LIMITATION. Trakker is equipped with EBL (Electronic Brake force Limitation) in order to optimise brake power based on load. The impulses sent from the ABS sensors provide all the necessary information regarding the reaction of individual wheels under the braking action. It is therefore possible to calculate the effective distribution of the load between the axles and the live axle and to calibrate the braking pressure on each axle in real time based on the conditions at the moment.
  •  ANTI-SLIP REGULATION. The function of ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) is to impede slippage of the drive wheels and improve traction during acceleration. The ASR electronic control unit: optimises vehicle stability -prevents slippage of the wheels at all times - and reduces wear on the tyres. With ASR the drive wheels have the best possible traction on all road surfaces such as steep inclines or slippery surfaces.


INDESTRUCTIBLE: To tackle every type of terrain and load, and to operate even in the worst situations, the Trakker is fitted with very durable suspension. The chassis are robust and reliable, with a very high yield strength. And theTrakker really reveals its qualities when it is subjected to the harshest tests, such as steep downhill slopes fully laden. The vacuum engine brake on the Cursor engines guarantees safe braking and makes it possible to reduce use of the service brake. The efficiency of this system is backed up by the solidity of the front and rear axles. The Trakker gives the maximum where safety is concerned.
INDEFATIGABLE: We make your time more valuable, offering a vehicle that is extremely robust and reliable. A Trakker is always on the job: constantly operational and able to overcome the hardest trials, thanks to the power and durability of its engines, components and assemblies. The harsher the working environment, and the more exhausting the situation and the workplace, the more necessary it becomes to be able to count on a vehicle that can stand up to it, without the risk of unexpected interruptions. The Trakker never stops.
INCOMPARABLE: Design, power and functionality make the Trakker an ideal working companion. Because you really discover a vehicle’s worth in difficult situations. Construction site work asks a lot of a vehicle; the Trakker’s mission is to meet the needs of those who operate in these difficult conditions, with a range of vehicles that is even broader and more reliable. The safe Cursor engines guarantee power and durability. The Trakker has no equal.