The Vehicle
DAILY is the ideal partner for the transport professional. Thanks to years of experience and continuous development, DAILY provides the perfect answer to all transport needs and comes packed with innovations that are unique in the world of commercial vehicles.

With a DAILY, Iveco’s advanced design and legendary qualities are yours to enjoy from the very first trip. Inside, the latest technology is at your service. Here is a commercial vehicle that offers you power, strength and intelligence, too. 
It guarantees you the ultimate innovation and respect for the environment, without any loss of performance, toughness or reliability. The Iveco Daily range is now even stronger in its capacity for work and its respect for the environment. That’s what we mean by “strong by nature”.
  • The new dashboard ensures a more intuitive drive.
  • The new materials inside the cab create a pleasant working environment.
  • The Blue&Me Fleet™ is the ideal fleet management solution that increases driving safety through the mobile phone interface buttons situated on the steering wheel.
  • The layout of the steering column controls makes the switch unit more visible, giving the driver more space and comfort.
  • The ESP, which is standard across the range, ensures shorter braking distances, reduces the risk of side-on collisions and, thanks to the Load Adaptive Control, provides greater stability under any load.
  • With more than 7,000 different configurations, Daily is the made-to-measure vehicle for any job.
  • The 8 different engine capacities ranging from 106 to 176HP offer you the possibility to choose the best engine for your needs.
  • The body-on-frame construction makes Daily adaptable to any type of body mounting.
  • The highest torque at the lowest number of engine revolutions, combined with rear traction, makes Daily unbeatable on any road.
  • The two-stage turbine guarantees high performance levels and optimises the inflow of air to the combustion chamber.
  • The new DAILY engines set new environmental friendly standards and allow the vehicle to be used without any restrictions.
  • The new methane injectors with pressure up to 7 bar ensure lower fuel consumption and, therefore, savings for the driver.
  • The dual methane/petrol fuelling, with a multipoint injection system, automatically switches to petrol when the methane runs out, in order to stop the engine cutting out.


 Why buy a Daily?


Robust like Daily. The special steel chassis provides the best support for any type of body mounting. The thickness and outline of the frame ensure solidity and safety, even under maximum strain.
Reliable like Daily. Daily is not derived from cars, but from Iveco’s experience in commercial vehicles. The excellent load distribution means durability and resistance to wear and tear. Rear traction provides the best mobility with any load and on any road surface.
Flexible like Daily. All Daily engines supply high maximum torque at low engine speed, class-leading power and excellent fuel consumption levels for any job.
Comfortable like Daily. Also available with air suspension, it is easy to drive and a pleasure to be in. The Daily adopts Blue&Me™, the most popular telematic platform in the car world, now available in the Blue&Me Fleet™ version, specifically for professional transport.
Safe like Daily. A standard across the range, the Load Adaptive Control integrated into the ESP identifies the vehicle’s load conditions during travel, notably the total weight and the
centre of gravity. Depending on these parameters, it calculates and communicates new readings and intervention thresholds to the ABS, ASR and ESP functions so that these are always as effective as possible.
Environmentally friendly like Daily. The new DAILY conforms with Euro5 and voluntary EEV standards, which are even more rigorous and environmentally friendly.