Did you know that Scomat services almost any brand of hydraulic cylinder?

If not, now is the perfect time to take advantage of its full-service hydraulic shop. Scomat offers several in-house services including:

-          Disassembly and assembly – Done in the right way to avoid damaging components.
-          Inspection – Hereby giving recommendations for the best repair options.
-          Washing – Removal of harmful contaminants.
-          Testing – This step assures seal integrity in repaired or rebuilt cylinders.
The Hydraulic Cylinder Service and the Hydraulic Cylinder Bench have been acquired by Scomat not only to improve their services but also to reduce your machine’s downtime and operating cost to a minimum. The Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer is used to provide a high quality service in properly disassembling , resealing and assembling hydraulic cylinders in a minimum time and at a competitive cost for a better cylinder life. This equipment is designed to provide 40, 000 lt – lb (5532 kg – m) of torque and services cylinder up to 26 lt (7.9 m) in length and diameter of 22 in (5558.8 mm).

The Hydraulic Cylinder Tester is a complement to the Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer. It is used to test double acting cylinder two stage, three stage and multi stage extension cylinder at the recommended pressure. With this equipment, the following test can be performed:
-          Cycle test (Cylinder rod extend rod retract)
-          Leak test at system pressure
-          Drift test.

This equipment allows testing of the cylinders on load , after repairs prior to refitting on the machine.

At Scomat, it is strongly believed that with this new service, the cylinder reseal efficiency as well as its lifetime will be increased.
Table below illustrates , flatrate prices which apply to this service.
· Cylinder Length(1)
Labour (2)(Rs)
Less than 1 meter
1m - 1.5m
1.5m - 2m
2m - 2.5m
2.5m above
(1) Labour refers to disassembly, assembly & reseal of cylinder and rod including test but exclude miscellaneous expense.
(2) Cylinder length is from open end to centerline of eye.




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