10 Great Reasons to choose a Caterpillar CSA:

  1. Increased Uptime
  2. Greater Productivity
  3. Optimised workshop and tooling utilisation
  4. Improved labour time allocation
  5. Remove the costs of maintenance scheduling and record keeping
  6. Quality work from highly skilled technicians
  7. Guaranteed use of genuine Caterpillar Parts
  8. Higher resale values
  9. Plan ahead with greater confidence
  10. More time to focus on your Business


CSA Options


1. Preventive Maintenance Servicing

With a Preventive Maintenance Agreement, any maintenance and repair is placed in the hands of Scomat, so you have greater machine availability, increased operational efficiency and complete control over costs. A Preventive Maintenance Agreement means an end to the uncertainties of arranging and undertaking repair and maintenance. You can concentrate on growing your business, leaving specialists trained by Caterpillar to take care of everything. 

Two dedicated Preventive Maintenance Trucks are used to perform PM Servicing, which is one of the most effective ways to keep your operating costs under control




2. Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS)

SOS Fluid Analysis is a thorough, reliable and cost-effective early warning system that quantifies telltale wear elements, dirt and other contaminants in oil and engine coolant. It predicts trouble early, allowing you to schedule repairs- so you can manage system performance and increase machine life.

SOS Analysis is the best way to monitor machine compartments and forecast wear-related problems. We understand Cat Equipment and will help you interpret findings and diagnose problems. We'll help you achieve the full design life and productivity built into your equipment.




3. Technical Analysis Level 1 & 2 (TA1 & TA2)

Our experienced and fully trained technicians provide complete inspection programs using the most advanced diagnostic tools




4. Customer Track Service (CTS)

Customer Track Service is a management program offered by Caterpilar Dealers to help the customer receice maximum life out of his undercarriage while at the same time saving time and money. CTS is not only a program to measure and help manage a customer's undercarriage, but it also provides an opportunity for valuable face time with the customer and lead to other parts sales that are generated from an overrall inspection of the machine.

CTS is designed to help the customer manage his undercarriage system and lower his costs by:

  • Enhancing the built-in value of CAT Undercarriage components
  • Reducing undercarriage inspection time
  • Providing quick and accurate analysis of undercarriage wear information
  • Allowing him to make informed decisions about maintenance
  • Sheduling service to meet his equipment planning needs




 Our Commitment of service and support

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