Motor Graders are used in numerous applications within a wide range of industries. They are responsible for the preparation of land for new roads, providing support in waste disposal applications, airport construction, paving/resurfacing, dam and levee construction, haul road maintenance, to name just a few. Built to withstand tough conditions, Caterpillar motor graders feature precise blade controls and exceptional maneuverability for all-around production.The broad line of motor graders allows the customer to choose one that best fits the intended application.





All motor graders feature advanced electronically controlled Caterpillar engines, power train components, hydraulics and machine structures.

ACERT™ Technology allpws Cat engines to supply more power per unit of displacement without causing every gear while reducing the environmental impact.




  • Cat engine combines power management with ACERT™ Technology to deliver maximum power and efficiency in every gear while reducing the environmental impact.

  • Engine with ACERT Technology optimized fuel combustion

  • More work output for your fuel cost.

  • Superior torque and lugging capability can pull through sudden, short-term increases in loads, maintaining consistent, desirable grading speeds to get the work done.



  •  Power Management System automatically delivers an additional five horsepower 
  • Feature optimizes rimpull for all gears by balancing traction, speed and horsepower wear while conserving fuel. 
  • System limits horsepower in lower gears, which helps reduce wheel slip where traction is limited.




  • Revolutionary cab design that provides unmatched comfort, visibility and ease of use, making the operator more confidence and productive.
  • Unmatched comfort, visibility and ease of use.
  • Optional ripper control and auxiliary control pod are ergonomically positioned to allow simple, comfortable operation for the multiple hydraulic options.
  • Cat Messenger provides real-time machine performance and diagnostic data.





  • Some models incorporate a state-of-the-art electro-hydraulic system.

  • Advanced joystick controls provide unmatched controllability with precise, predictable hydraulic movements and the reliability you expect from Caterpillar.

  •  Large, separate hydraulic oil supply prevents crosscontamination and provides proper oil cooling, which reduces heat build-up and extends component life.

  • Hydraulic flow is proportioned to ensure all implements operate simultaneously with little effect on the engine or implement speeds.


Why choose a CAT Motor Grader?



Superior Performance

  • Specifically designed range of gears ensures maximum productivity in all earthmoving applications.
  • Integrated, electronically controlled systems, deliver smooth reliable performance with reduced operating costs.


 Lower Operating Costs

  • The motor grader is a machine on which you can rely for years to come.
  • Reduced maintenance and maintenance consumables results in lower operating costs.
  • The durable, low maintenance cost of the front axle reduces your owning and operating costs.



Higher Productivity


  • The ease of operation that is provided by the motor graders results in higher efficiency
  • Motor Graders offer the best operator's station in the industry
  • Operator comfort is guaranteed with superior visibility, control layout and operating ease.
  • The machines help operators achieve peak performance.
  • Logical grouping of hydraulic functions in the joysticks allow any operator to control several functions at the same time for more productivity.



Better Serviceability and customer support


  • Simplified service, world-class product support and Cat dealer-trained fleet up and running, maximizing your equipment investment

  • We can help you size the right machine for your operations and can estimate component life, preventative maintenance cost, and the true cost of production

  • You will find nearly all parts at our counter.


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