Developed with over 20 years experience in the Backhoe Loader industry, the 428E is designed to exceed customer expectations. More performance, versatility and comfort than ever before gives the 428E the edge needed in a harsh and competitive environment. Along with you, it's up to the challenge.





Backhoe loaders allow operators to dig trenches, load trucks, and reach over obstructions -- all with little or no spillage. Caterpillar backhoe loaders reach far, dig fast, and lift large volumes of material while offering the kind of smooth, precise control operators need to get more jobs done in less time.






  • Available with either the standard 3054C DIT 67 kW engine, or the optional 3054C DIT unit producing 73 kW.
  • 4 cylinder, 4 stroke direct injection diesel engines
  • Feature a reliable gear driven water pump, for improved durability.
  • All Caterpillar backhoe engines conform to EU directive 97/68/EC Stage II emission regulations




  • Equipped with 40 kph Power-Shuttle transmission, improving roading speed and providing better spacing between gear ratios.
  • The electrically operated differential lock can be used on the move.
  • The forward/reverse lever on the steering column is placed for easy direction changes on the move, and the gear selection is from the floor mounted shift lever.
  • The front axle has no greasing points, meaning easier daily/weekly maintenance
  • Optional Ride Control offers greater performace during load and carry, or roading cycles.
  • Oil checks, fills and other service items are all easily accessible from the left hand side of the machine.





  • The all new E-series cab offers excellent visibility, comfort and automotive style surroundings, keeping the operator safe.
  • Cab ingress is easy with a wide door opening and grabrails.
  • The Cat air suspension seat arcs around the footpedals, increasing operator comfort.
  • The door windows open and close whilst the operator remains seated, meaning he doesn't have to leave the cab to close the windows.
  • The cab has two lockable storage compartments, plus an optional locking gauge panel guard, to deter thieves and vandals.
  • The cab has new venting system, giving the operator or the windows excellent airflow.




  • Cat’s new flow-sharing, load sensing hydraulic system ensures the best modulation and control available when using the hoe.
  •  Provides low fuel consumption and low effort controls.
  •  The 428E features a loader system which offers self-levelling as standard.


 Work Tools


  • The ‘excavator style’ boom allows closer truck loading, important when working in tight spaces such as roadworks.
  • The new loader bucket has been redesigned for improved material flow and fork retention.
  • The Cat backhoe loaders have best in class bucket rotation, at 205 degrees.

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 Why a CAT Backhoe Loader?


The Series E backhoe loaders have been strengthened and redesigned to provide greater durability and performance. Over 300 Caterpillar backhoe loaders, supplied by Scomat are used around Mauritius, contributing to the development and enhancement of the island.




The 428E with mechanical controls are built to deliver low owning / operating costs, and reliable performance in the world's toughest environments.



Fast and efficient maintenance:
The E-Series has been designed from the ground up to make maintenance as fast and efficient as possible. The key word is accessible - from the new sliding frame with the externally serviceable clamp cylinders to the slotted stabiliser legs for easy cleaning.
Simple servicing:
All daily fluid and filter checks are easily accessible from the left hand side of the machine. Checks are faster and more accurate, saving money and improving reliability over time.
Nothing by halves:
No Cat components are ever designed to operate for anything less than their full working life. That's why we've designed our stabilizer street pads to be reversible to reduce replacement costs.


Stick design:
The outer sliding E-stick doesn't drag material back into the wear pads, wearing them out. Cat has incorporated serrations to protect the stick when clamping material. This all translates into a tougher, practical stick, with a longer wear life and, ultimately, reduced cost.
No worries:
Cat reliability is legendary. From simple things, such as attention to electrical harness and hydraulic hose routings to the robust transmission guard and maintenance-free front axle.
Customers can feel confident that their E-Series will be there for them when they need it, working hard, day in - day out.
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