The Cat® Skid Steer Loaders, with their radial lift designs, deliver excellent digging performance with outstanding drawbar power.

Caterpillar's B Series range of Skid Steer Loaders further increase the reliability, productivity and product offering. These new machines will deliver into the marketplace higher horsepower, multiple high flow hydraulic options, enhanced operator comfort and improved reliability, while offering lower operating costs.



You'll be surprised at the vast number of applications of these small but powerful machines. They are principally used in the construction and agricultural industries, and exploited in numerous sectors such as municipalities/district councils, civil engineering, among others. 


Why buy a CAT Skid Steer Loader:


Performance and Versatility
  • Powerful Caterpillar 3034 engines have high torque
  • More hydraulic horsepower results in fast cycle times, high breakout force and lifting capacity
  • Hydrostatic drive train delivers power to the ground
  • Anti-stall device maximizes power train and hydraulic performance
  • Quick coupler is standard and makes work tool changes quick and easy
  • Complete range of performance matched work tools gets the job done quickly



Ease of Operation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Twin tilt cylinders and deep, skid-resistant steps make getting into and out of the skid steer easier                                                 
  • Uncluttered cab floor gives operator more room
  • Loader arms and quick coupler are designed so that the operator has an unobstructed view to the work tool and surrounding area
  • Low effort joystick controls are positioned comfortably and are easy to use all day long reducing fatigue and increasing productivity
  • Left and right hand lever controls speed and direction as well as loader functions, making Cat Skid Steer Loaders easy to operate
  • Foot operated throttle lets the operator have more control over the engine speed
  • Pull-down armrest is a true armrest, providing added comfort to the operator
  • Retractable seat belt is standard
  • Suspension seat available for added comfort



  • Maintenance points are grouped in easily accessible locations
  • The rear engine compartment door opens 90 degrees to expose an engine that is mounted long-wise in the frame. This arrangement gives access to both the left and the right side of the engine
  • All filters are vertically mounted, spin-on type, making routine service virtually spill-free
  • Ecology drains are fitted to make hydraulic and engine oil changing more convenient
  • The radiator, hydraulic oil cooler and grill tilt up to make even more room during maintenance or to allow cleaning between the grill and cooling package
  • Battery, air filter, and a single engine belt are all conveniently located for easy servicing
  • The cab tilts rearward and is held in place by a self-latching mechanism, exposing all pumps, motors, valves, and lines to make it easy to repair if necessary
  • Hydraulic tank and radiator have site glass for easy checking
  • Lubricating pins and bores are protected due to counter-sunk grease fittings on the pin ends


Customer Support
Caterpillar dealers offer unmatched customer support with:
  • Conveniently located dealers, knowledgeable sales personnel, and valuable financial services.
  • Excellent equipment management services and fast parts availability, resulting in maximum uptime and minimum repair costs. They include assistance with:                       
    • Machine and work tool selection
    • Rental and leasing
    • Purchase and financing
    • Owning and operating cost management
  • Equipment maintenance and management services optimize performance, reliability, and profit. They include:
    • Customer Support Agreements
    • S-O-S SM Oil Analysis
    • Maintenance contracts
    • Scheduled technical inspections
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