Heavy machines and skilled service people

Not just a men's world!!!


It is not every day that we hear about ladies who are passionate about heavy machines and mechanics. Michèle Marquet, working at Scomat, the Caterpillar Dealer in Mauritius, is one of them. Tractors, wheel loaders, or excavators…she recognizes them just by the sound of the engine. The click and clack of repair tools, the smell of oil and new parts, the workshop atmosphere, that’s what she always felt attracted to. Not exactly what her parents had imagined for their daughter…
But then, nothing in the world would stop her from following the footsteps of her father, who is working at a local mechanical workshop. Michèle saw her future in a similar environment, no matter what. So, she enrolled as the only woman for “Tractor and Heavy Vehicle Mechanic” courses at a local technical school and obtained the National Training Certificate (NTC). As part of these studies, she spent time practicing at Scomat and made her first encounter with our big yellow machines.
Once the certificate in her pocket, she applied for a job at Scomat. This young woman presenting for work in a heavy-duty “men’s” world impressed Scomat’s field service manager. He hired her on the spot. The beginning was challenging, Michèle never gave up in accomplishing the same tasks as the rest of the service technician team.
After six years with Scomat, her passion for big machines and mechanics remains unchanged. Meanwhile, Michèle has a new assignment as customer service consultant, where her previous practical experience turns out to be most valuable. She discusses machine downtime and repair alternatives with customers, handles warranty claims, establishes quotes and job schedules, and makes sure that services are carried out strictly according to service procedures. Michèle’s conclusion: “Paying attention to every detail is the golden rule in customer service. There’s no way around it if you want to deliver outstanding value.”