Tier 4 Readiness

Employees, Suppliers, dealers and customers are involved throughout the Caterpillar New Product Introduction Process. Learn more about it here

Caterpillar and CAT Dealers are Your Link to Tier 4 Readiness

Caterpillar is known for being a step ahead of the game - in product development as well as meeting current and future emissions requirements. Upcoming Tier 4 Interim, European Stage IIIB and Japan MLIT Step 4 mobile nonroad emissions regulations that take effect in the year 2011 are no exception.


Caterpillar, along with its worldwide network of Cat Dealers, has stepped up its game for Tier 4 readiness with Tier 4 Integration workshops, which are supportive of the Caterpillar New Product Introduction (NPI) Process.


New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction is just one process Caterpillar uses to develop products and services for customers worldwide. Employees, supplisers, dealers and customers are involved throughout the NPI process, which is focused on gathering customer information and requirements early in the product development stage.

NPI is a core business practice that has been continuously updated by Caterpillar for almost four decades. Prodcut development, through the well-defined NPI process, helps match scustomer and business needs with technical and process solutions in order to produce the best product at the lowst possible cost - all in less time.

NPI is a disciplined process that applies enterprise knowledge and drives boundary-less collaboration of a skilled workforce through the use of common practices and tools to produce predictable and consistent results.

Tier 4 Integration workshops

  • Through its dealer network, Caterpillar is not only creating customer awareness of Tier 4 emissions requirements, but also educating its cotomers on the upcoming emissions standards through Tier 4 Integration Workshops (TIW). These workshops are held by CAT dealers for OEM customers and:
  • Detail packaging and integration installation
  • Explain the differences between Tier3/Stage IIIA and Tier4/StageIIIB
  • Provide direct contact with Caterpillar technical experts.
  • Maximize integration opportunities
  • Help Caterpillar better understand the voice of its dealers and customers.


Tap into Dealer Knowledge

From the moment you make contact with your local Caterpillar dealer, you're assured that you have the power of total support including a quality product backed by a wealth of technical expertise and full support services.

Knowledge is power; and your Cat dealer is no exception. Cat dealers around the world are trained in a well rounted, comprehensive manner that assures they will provide you with a level of service that fits your needs.


Another tool Caterpillar utilises to reach and train its dealers is the Power Systems Learning Campus. This virtual online campus consists of sub campuses representing four of the Caterpillar Power Systems industries: Marine, Industrial, Petroleum and Electric Power. Each sub campus has a curriculum and multiple certification options.

Within the POwer Systems Learning Campus is a dedicated industrial training and certification program for Cat dealer personnel.

Called the Dealer Learning Management Systems (DLMS), this subscription-based learning system is available to Cat dealer employees, managers and training administrators and is a powerful tool for them in managing personal growth and development.

DLMS is available worldwide in several different languages and serves as a one-stop shop for Cat dealer training and e-learning.

For your benefit

What does all this additional training by, and for, Cat dealers mean for you? Simple - it means that cat dealers are not only industrial engine expertsl they are your personal Tier 4 consultants.

Through extensive and ongoing training, with the Tier 4 integration workshops as one example, Cat dealers are equipped with the knowledge to help you with all your engine needs. They are also linked to Caterpillar and the entire Cat dealer network for an even broader range of support. You can count on Cat dealers to stand by their work and engine installations.

Reliable Support

No one knows more about Caterpillar engines than your authorised Cat dealer. Trust your dealer to provide you with the experience, advice, products, computer software and support that you need to maximise your engine investment.

Relying on your Cat dealer guarantees you a customised, total support solution. Here is just a sampling from an extensive list of support services offered by Cat Dealers:

  • On-site proventive maintenance
  • Equipment financing
  • Service turnaround
  • On-site technicians
  • Planned component replacement
  • Parts availability guarantee
  • Rental/lease arrangements
  • Engineering and emissions regulations assistance
  • S.O.S fluid analysis
  • Guaranteed parts delivery
  • Technical inspections
  • Maintenance record keeping
  • Preventive maintenance kits
  • Operator training.